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The project promotes cooperation and partnership among 5 organizations from Italy, the Netherlands, Türkiye, Lebanon, and Spain; a national research institution, the worldwide umbrella organization for libraries, and 3 universities. All partners participate in the planned training and dissemination activities and the realization of all outputs.

Moreover, HERMES can count on a number of associated partners participating in the project as testers and first beneficiaries of the training activities and, last but not least, on an outstanding  Scientific Committee which guides the team in revising and finalizing the foreseen outputs.


Resource Scharing COVID-19 (RSCVD)

RSCVD was started as a way to help libraries access material during COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns. It became such a success in helping libraries bridge their existing interlibrary loan networks that the IFLA DDRSS Committee worked with volunteers and library organizations to apply for an ERASMUS grant to develop the project beyond a pandemic response. The grant has been funded and that work is underway. RSCVD lives on in its current form for now, and it will be even bigger and stronger with the launch of the new software platform in 2022.

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